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Reading Challenge 2015

Another year is coming to its end! Which only means one thing: READING CHALLENGE!!


I have looked at my reading list this year and I have found out, that I almost only read children's book this year! Children's book are great, expecially those that can be read by every age! 

And the year before I almost only read romance and classic, which is also great! (And a lot of them were actually children's classic) 


The conclusion is that I'm sticking to the same genres! 


And I am going to do something about it with my new reading challenge!

Every month I hope to read 3 books and end up with 36 books at the end of the year and every month I have 2 categories which I have to read.

I have constructed (with hammer and other tools!) my reading challenge 2015 to be like this - enjoy and copy if you like!


January: Historical Fiction and Cultural

February: Romance and Chick-Lit

Marts: Classic Fantasy and Paranormal YA

April: Humor and Tragedy

May: Classic before 20th Century and Classic from 20th Century

June: On Hold and Reread

July: Dystopia and Crime/Thriller

August: Contemporary and Published this Year

September: Manuscript and Diary

October: Danish Author and Foreign Author

November: Made into a Movie and Not Made into a Movie

December: Children and Christmas



Looking forward to it!

And I have already found my next two books for January:




Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen will be my Historical Fiction book and The Help by Kathryn Stockett as my Cultural book. I know The Help actually belongs to both categories but naaaaaah! It's hard to find books that doesn't belong to both categories after my opinion!


So this is my reading challenge and my choice for January! 

Hoping for a good year to all and merry christmas!!