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Merry Christmas Everyone!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas!: Mini Edition (Dr Seuss Miniature Edition) - Dr. Seuss

Well, it is christmas glory and that means a christmas story


Nah! Just kidding, not going to rhyme my review.
No, but seriously it is christmas and here in Denmark we open our presents the 24th at christmas EVE! So... My christmas has almost reached its end. 
So today I am enjoying the rest of the christmas with movies and I saw How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
In Denmark Dr. Seuss is not well known. We have learned about Dr. Seuss thanks to the movies. So when I saw the movie, I wanted to try the book.
It is very short, but it is also a children's picture book. I like the rhymes. Normally I stink at getting the rhythm of poems, but here I found it easy.


I like the pictures - they don't look like that in the movie though, which I think is weird, that the movie isn't authentic. I have the impression that Dr. Seuss' characters is just as holy as Peter Rabbit or so.
Well, it is adorable and I understand why it is a classic in America! I do think I will introduce Dr. Seuss to my future children.


Well, that was a short review, on a story you already knew. 

Merry Christmas to the lot and the few!