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Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

January has begun and so has my reading challenge

The two categories of January was historical fiction and cultural. January is the start of a new year, so I am celebrating it by reading a book about the past. 

Water for Elephants is my historical book. I know it is also a bit cultural, but I am saving that category for later.


I have read some of the book some years before but, as often, it ended as one of my on-hold books. Which I don't understand because it is a really well written book. It is detailed and it is authentic. I feel with Jacob, the main character and the narrator, when he is old. And I want to read more and more. When you read it, you know the author Sara Gruen has done her research! 

I would keep reading if it wasn't because it is 5:25 in the morning!