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Jealousy and Manipulation - Classic for a Reason.

Othello - William Shakespeare

Title: Othello

Author: William Shakespeare 

Original Published Date: 1603

Pages: 314

Edition Language: Danish

Format: Ebook

Category: Play, Tragedy, Romance, Drama, Classic,


I would guess it is the fewest Danes who have read even a single Shakespeare-play in their life. Othello is my second and my first were Romeo and Juliet, obviously, which was quite an experience that I hadn't foreseen. What occurred to me was, the paradox of Shakespeare, being the master of romance, actually is really perverted. And I love that paradox. It seems to me to be hilarious and it made me really appreciating Romeo and Juliet more than I had thought. 


Well, this isn't about Romeo and Juliet but about Othello. I didn't find Othello as funny as the other, although I do rather like the plot in Othello better.

The antagonist Iago searching for vendetta for Othello his general. Manipulating Othello to believe his new-wed wife is cheating on him and letting the venom of jealousy spread through the veins of Othello.

Jealousy and manipulation are primarily great topics in this play and if you ask me, both topics are classic. Have we not all tried jealousy and manipulation in our life? Be the one doing it and/or the one receiving it? 

Iago is my favorite character and maybe my all-time favorite antagonist (I cannot remember anyone else at the moment at least). I liked the sly simple character. Only through mono- and dialogues I have a clear image of Iago in my mind and that is what I love about plays. So little is needed. 

I decided on give Othello the same rate I gave Romeo and Juliet which is 4 stars. Even though I liked this plot better I found the other one hysterically funny! So I would say it is a tide. 


P.S. And yes, I know I loose a lot of Shakespeare's charm reading it in Danish, but I mean come on! Is there even any British people who clearly understands the man? And then a foreigner? No, I don't think so!