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The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks

Title: The Lucky One

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Original Published Date: 2008

Pages: 291

Edition Language: English

Format: Ebook

Category: Contemporary, Romance, Chick-lit,


Summary: Marine officer Logan Thibault found one day a photograph of a young woman in the sand of Kuwait with the message to "keep safe." He tried to find its owner, but after a while he just kept it to himself without knowing why. After surviving dangerous events in the Iraq war the photo becomes his own personal lucky charm. 

Now he has quit the Marines and are looking for the woman who he owe his life. He starts walking all the way from Colorado to North Carolina to meet Beth, a single divorced mother living with her ten-year-old son and grandma at a dog kennel. 

Without realizing it Logan finds that Beth might be the woman for her, but what he doesn't know is how to bring up the photo and soon threatens to tear them apart.


Review: As the title might imply I had my disappointment in the past. I read A Walk to Remember, but I found it a bit... Nah. The Lucky One is not nah! 

I was surprised how different this book was, both in style and quality - I am wondering if all his novels shift style or if it because he developed a lot from his 3rd book to 14th book. 


What is the same in both books is that it somehow seems real and authentic, even though I know it is not. The romance goes slow and not cheesy. The characters feel real, except for some perfections.

I went on and on at goodreads how it annoyed me that Logan doesn't peek at some girls who went bathing nude at a lake - it just seemed a bit too noble and perfect. Wouldn't it be perfectly normal having a peek, enjoy it for a moment and then walk away.

Well... I will not going on and on about here too! It even isn't important in the book, just a slight detail, but it annoyed me. Enough about that!


I like Logan, though, he is a down-to-earth, not a big talker and got a masculine attitude a girl like me kinda like a lot. Beth is a sweet woman, kinda unoriginal, but its okay here. This is not a revolutionary epic novel - just a sweet romance for someone sitting in her PJ.

And if I am not the only person in this situation, please, let me recommend this to you! And I know, for sure, I am thankful to have giving Nicholas Sparks a chance and I am might be a step closer to be a Sparks-fan