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♥ Top 12 Romance Books On Book Bloggers' Shelves

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Romance is one of the most popular literary genre. 84% of romance book buyers are women who choose contemporary and historical romances as their top picks. The majority of romance readers prefer paper copies than e-books and love discussing the plot with their friends and other readers.* Romance books are also highly popular among book lovers' community on BookLikes. 


We've looked through the book bloggers' bookshelves and picked top 12 romance books. The following infographics includes most read and shelved titles by book bloggers on BookLikes. Scroll down to find the blogs and book reviews. 

Happy Valentine's Day to all book lovers! ♥ 






The reviews:

The Great Gatsby

Published 89 years ago, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald still creates discussion and controversy for its brilliant depiction of the characters. The enigma of Jay Gatsby remains still today. What does he want from life? Daisy? The self-assurance of those born to wealth? Acceptance?... read more
The Fault In Our Stars
John Green’s young adult novel, The Fault in Our Stars, is basically a story about teens battling cancer. The elements of a love story come to the front when Hazel and Augustus fall in love after meeting up in a Support Group for cancer patients. Both of them are super intelligent and... read more

Romeo and Juliet

No point in writing a full review, I simply want to say that this is perhaps the most poetic of all Shakespeare's plays. There is nothing forced or laboured, the blank verse just streams from him. To take two examples from Act I, Mercutio's beautiful Queen Mab monologue reads as if it could go on for ever... read more


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Contemporary romance 




The reviews: 

Fifty Shades of Grey 

I could not put this book down - I read it on my phone when I didn't have access to my kindle. When I first dipped into erotica I found a few books I loved, then read several that weren't so good, causing me to look for other genres to read - Fifty Shades of Grey reminded me why I love reading... read more



Anna And The French Kiss

It's a Books World

I obviously loveeeeeed this book! I reread it last year (or was it two years?) and I forgot so many things! These were the things I forgot and now loved:... read more


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The Notebook

It's a very beautiful love story: boy meets girl, boy separates from girl, years pass, boy meets girl again -- throw in a load of pathos and you have a MUST READ story. Seriously, if you believe in love-everlasting, if you are even the least bit sentimental or romantic, you MUST READ this... read more



YA romance 




The reviews:

The Selection

After World War III, America (the country) decides to change its way of running things, so we go back to a monarchy. There are eight castes, with One being royalty and Eight being a beggar on the streets. The monarchy is headed by a King with a Queen at his side. Everything is normal until they need... read more 
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
This book was perfect for the days I chose to read it. It is light, fun, and sweet. Hadley’s parents are divorced and she’s headed across the world to her father’s wedding. She meets Oliver in the airport after missing her flight by four minutes. Oliver is witty, caring, and British causing Hadley to forget all about her worries... read more


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This Lullaby

Another home run from Sarah Dessen! If it wasn’t for just a couple things that bothered me, I would have been ready to say that this was my favorite by her thus far. I am seriously never seems to disappoint me with her stories and the way I feel afterwards. I am seriously wondering where she has... read more 


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 Historical romance




The reviews:

Pride and Prejudice

I don't read many classics any more. Barely any. A while back though I took a notion to read Pride & Prejudice for the first time. I'm a big kindle fan but for this book I wanted my first time to be special :P I hunted down and bought a very nice vintage hardback, complete with gilt trim and... read more


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Gone with the Wind

I never expected to be as drawn to this book as I was - once I started it I had a lot of trouble putting it down again, despite its size! This story of life, loss and love during the American Civil War was absolutely compelling reading, and I guess you could say I become a little obsessed with it!... read more
The Outlander 
Claire Randall is leading a double life. She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another...In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon--when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that... read more
* Source: RWA survey